Payroll Guidelines

All employees should complete their new hire packets prior to starting work.
  • Student Employees-submit completed paperwork to Student Employment
  • STNC/Professional Expert/Community Education Employees-submit completed paperwork to Human Resources
  • All other employees-submit completed paperwork to Human Resources via Neogov

Supervisors should not schedule employees to start work prior to verifying that all new hire paperwork is completed.  For Associate Faculty and regular employees, that includes fingerprint clearance required by Human Resources.

  • Student employees can work 25 hours a week/no overtime.  International students are only allowed to work 20 hours a week/no overtime.
  • STNC/Professional Expert employees are also limited to 25 hours a week and International employees are limited to 20 hours.  Administrator approval is required for PAF's that exceed the 25 hours a week limit. STNC employees should not be working more than 175 days in a fiscal year.  Anything over 40 hours a week will be paid at overtime.
  • A STRS retiree CANNOT be employed as a STNC or Professional Expert

IMPORTANT NOTE TO INSTRUCTORS:  if you have a student that needs to be dropped from the class for no show, please do so in a timely manner.  Student employees qualify for FICA exemption by maintaining the required number of units to attain student employee status.  Failure to maintain the required number of units could result in a loss of the FICA exemption for the student.  This could result in a penalty of back taxes owed by the District and the student.

Schedule Change Forms

  • should be initiated in a timely manner for cancelled classes, change of instructors, substitute instructors, and instructors on an unpaid medical leave.  This will avoid over/under payments.
  • all information on schedule change forms must be completed.