Retirement Information

Retirement systems offered at Santa Rosa Junior College:
  • STRS Defined Benefit - Full-time Faculty, Associate Faculty
    • STRS retirees are subject to a fiscal year earnings limit - earnings limit for 23/24 $50,655
  • PERS - Classified, qualified STNC's or qualified certificated employees
    • PERS retirees cannot work in a permanent position and are limited to 960 hours in a fiscal year
  • Safety PERS -  Sworn Police Officers
  • Social Security - CalPERS participants, Classified Staff working less than 50%, STNC, and certificated work not creditable to CalSTRS
  • STRS Cash Balance - Associate Faculty
  • Social Security (effective 1/13/20)  - Associate Faculty

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CalSTRS Defined Benefit/Cash Balance


Fidelity Investments



Questions regarding retirement? Contact Lisa Hotchkiss at 707-527-4200.