Tax Sheltered Annuities (TSA's)

Santa Rosa Junior College offers voluntary 403(b) and 457 plans to all employees.

A Tax Sheltered Annuity Plan (TSA) also referred to, as a "403(b)/457 plan" is a retirement plan that allows a tax-deferred employee payroll deduction.  It is specifically designed for public educational institutions and certain non-profit organizations.

The deduction from a paycheck reduces federal and state taxes, therefore, reducing taxable gross income.  These employee contributions are referred to as "elective deferrals".

A Tax Sheltered Annuity Plan is an employer sponsored plan.  Payments for a TSA deduction qualify as tax deferred because they are employer payments via a salary reduction to a qualified plan.  Accordingly, the employer must insure that all IRS requirements are met and employee complies with the tax law.

Contributons to a TSA can be put into either an annuity account or custodial account. 

Santa Rosa Junior College administers our TSA plans and does not use a Third Party Administrator.  Please contact Lisa Hotchkiss 707-527-4200 or Deepa Desai 707-527-4500 with questions or concerns.


Below please find the 457 plan enrollment packet for new accounts as well as a change form for existing accounts.  The plan participation notice only needs to be completed when establishing a new 457 account. Completed enrollment paperwork should be sent to Lisa Hotchkiss in the Payroll department.  You may view the latest fund performance at:

Below please find the 403(b) plan enrollment information.  The plan participation notice only needs to be completed when establishing a new 403(b) account. To view SRJC 403(b) vendor products side by side visit: